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About Us

Proficient Financial Planners is a FEE based Financial Planning advisory firm started by Mr. Steven Fernandes CFPCM in September 2009. We cater to a diverse set of clients from salaried to business owners. Our clientele comprises of people passing through various life cycles, starting from the young and single, married couples including retirees. We have drawn several financial plans for clients and are therefore capable of understanding the unique requirements of each individual/ family and thereby provide appropriate advice. We understand that each individual's financial requirements are unique and we emphasize strongly on understanding your requirements and attending to the minutest of details which will enable us to provide you right advice.

We also take up corporate training and investor education programmes in the area of Financial Literacy, Investment management, Financial Planning, etc.

Our Team

Mr. Steven Fernandes is a Sebi Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and chief planner of Proficient Financial Planners. Prior to this Mr. Fernandes has been in the financial services business namely managing insurance and investment portfolio's in his independent capacity since 2001.

He writes a regular case study column in Business Standard and has also contributed several case studies in Indian Express. He has been featured in the "Property Show" on NDTV PROFIT addressing queries on home loans. Besides he is also actively involved in conducting financial literacy programmes in various corporates and colleges and has so far addressed more than 10000 students across Maharashtra and MP.