He’s slim, hazel coloured (gray about manga) attention having pet-for example youngsters that produce your come sly and overwhelming

He’s slim, hazel coloured (gray about manga) attention having pet-for example youngsters that produce your come sly and overwhelming


Kuroo try listed getting significant and you will slim having wide arms, well-established possession, and you will an excellent muscle body type. His black hair is however dirty and you will surges right up on account of their bed-head. The guy even offers a fringe on his right side you to partly discusses his eyes. Down seriously to their peculiar hair style, he could be occasionally titled “Rooster Lead”.

Kuroo can be seen wearing a black colored clothing, purple sweatpants, and also the Nekoma High jacket. Through the certified matches, he wears the Nekoma uniform numbered towards number one.


Kuroo has actually a set-straight back yet scheming identification and that’s thought good “provocation pro” by many people [1] . He’d earnestly induce others and that is unrelenting when dishing aside snide responses. This is certainly presented in the way he angers Tsukishima in the event the first-season blocker maintained an effective nonchalant feelings into volleyball during the summer knowledge camp. However, Kuroo try kinder and much more legitimate than his outside visualize conveys. Immediately following realizing they have overstepped a column, Kuroo seeks out and apologizes to Daichi towards provocation. Afterwards, showing one to while he is actually an effective “provocation expert,” sportsmanship continues to be vital that you him [1] . The guy together with cares and you may areas their senior mentor, Yasufumi Nekomata, enormously, sufficient to let Karasuno improve to generally meet Nekomata’s desire competing facing both on nationals a real possibility.

Based on Kenma, Kuroo are a bashful and taken guy whom first went on his area when he try 7 years old [2] . He was quiet in front of visitors and awkward around Kenma to start with, inspite of the a couple of becoming close-in age. Both of them bonded more than video games and eventually experienced volleyball together. Reduced, Kuroo began to leave his shell just like the a couple got even more mixed up in athletics. He turned a much louder and you can productive person, produced the family in school, and you will already been heading out to tackle sports toward other children.

Kuroo is also proven to be a very watchful and easy to use people in terms of dating sites for Android professionals each other volleyball and people. Even as a kid, he had been extremely conscious of Kenma’s silent, withdrawn personality, and had the sense to not ever pull your over to carry out some thing the newest kid didn’t have any enjoyable inside the doing [2] . For the matches, his conscious character since the a heart blocker proves to be really life-threatening to own Nekoma’s competitors. He quickly tunes off and you can analyzes most of the move of the spikers, making it possible for him to place on a profitable cut-off and you may destroy the newest energy of your own reverse class.

To his teammates, Kuroo try a professional, solid head, tend to responsible for training the fresh new spirits of your people after they is effect off having fun with sneaky quips. The guy generally seems to obtain enjoyment out of against strong opponents and you may covers his outrage that have clear smirks and boisterous opinions, all the while scheming methods to break apart the contrary people.

Even with appearing sneaky and you will chill on the exterior, Kuroo and also a silly top which is to the display as he straps out in noisy obnoxious laughs and you may engages in frivolous discussion having Bokuto [3] . Kuroo also appears to both select themselves as more out of an enthusiastic old man otherwise people just a-year otherwise a few more youthful than simply him just like the students, as the shown as he proclaims “Ah, youth” shortly after viewing Inuoka and Hinata and you may talking to Tsukishima [4] .


Around 8 years of age, Kuroo gone next door so you’re able to Kenma along with his family relations, hence contains their dad and you may grandparents. Of course he was left alone, however visit Kenma’s household rather. He was detailed as shyer and much more taken than Kenma, therefore the one or two had a difficult time learning for each and every other [2] .

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