Welcome to Proficient Financial Planners

Proficient Financial Planning is a FEE BASED Financial Planning advisory firm based in Mumbai and operating since 2009. We are in the business of helping people manage their finances and help them achieve their financial dreams and aspirations.

Why do you require a financial planner?

Today our generation is earning much more income than the previous generation, but most people don't have the time to devote towards managing their money efficiently for creating sustainable assets for themselves and for their beloved family. Secondly, due to lack of time and knowledge, many of the investments are done without understanding its benefits, risk-reward parameters and tax implications.

Many don't have any defined financial goals and hence take decisions based on impulse due to which the future might not be as pleasant as you would want to be.

Mr. Fernandes also regularly writes in the media especially in newspapers such as Business Standard, Indian Express and Business Bhaskar and is a regular faculty teaching CFPCM course at Financial Planning Academy and NJ Gurukul.

How can a Financial planner help?

The financial planner takes a holistic view of your financial situation, helps you define and decide on your financial goals & prepares the roadmap for you to achieve your goals. During this entire process he interacts with you as a friend and guide and is there for you during your entire journey to help you move in the right direction of your goals by closely monitoring your progress.

We at Proficient Financial Planning are committed to establish a long term relationship with our clients based on trust and understanding while also providing you unbiased advice.

Note :, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL and are certification marks owned outside the U.S. by Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. (FPSB). Financial Planning Standards Board India is the marks licensing authority for the marks in India, through agreement with FPSB.

"SEBI registration number INA000001597"

A book on Real life financial case studies written by Mr. Steven Fernandes.