Most people confuse Financial Planning with investment management
not knowing that it’s much more than that. Financial Planning is a process
which helps in creating a roadmap to help you achieve your financial goals
in a time bound and planned manner. Here we explain to you
what you can expect from your Financial Planning exercise with us.

A financial plan will ideally consist of 2 parts


Under this category, the following details will be Analyzed and provided in a tabular-easy to understand format.

Category Details
Cash Flow Statement
Containing details on total monthly/ Annual income from all sources and expenses
Insurance Policies details
Containing information on Sum insured, death cover & Expected maturity benefits
Investment Details
Details of all investments such as FD, RD, Mutual funds, Stocks, Property, etc
Net worth Statement
Statement stating your current Net worth after deducting the liabilities
Financial Goals
Details of each financial goal, its present value and future value and year of achievement
Risk Profile
Your present Risk profile – Aggressive / Moderate or Conservative
Ratio Analysis
Here we inform you on your savings ratio, Liquidity ratio, debt ratio etc. Very good indicator of where you are well placed and in which area you need support
KYC Compliance, holding pattern & Nominations
Complete financial hygiene check on your investments held to ensure that the KYC, Bank accounts and Nominations are updated
Category Details
How much you should keep aside for contingency/ Emergency. How much to be maintained in bank account/ liquid funds etc
Insurance Cover
How much life, health and accident cover you/ spouse need & advise on products
Insurance Policies review
Which insurance policies to be retained, Stopped, Surrendered with valid reasons and calculations
Financial Goals achievement status & advise
How to achieve your financial goals. Where and how much you need to invest. Which of your current assets can be allocated to those goals and what is the shortfall if any
Asset Allocation & Investment Planning
What is the ideal asset allocation for you? Where you need to invest. Details of products/ Schemes for example- advise on mutual funds portfolio. Also review of existing investment schemes and advise on which ones to maintain, sell, etc
Tax Planning
Identifying if all tax saving sections are being utilised and advice on how to go about utilising the same. Incorporating investment planning with tax planning for optimum benefits


Here we will advise you on the following parameters

Before making any investments, one needs to have their financial plan in place to avoid
making mistakes of choosing the wrong products/ solutions which may derail your long-term plans.


Financial planning fees for the first year ranges from Rs. 20000 onwards for a single income family
and will depend on the complexity of the Financial plan to be constructed.

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