Historically most companies have been conducting Tax planning sessions for their employees
but with changing trends, they are today focusing on health and well being too.
We live in an ever-changing environment which makes it necessary for employees
to also learn Personal finance skills dealing with creating an Emergency fund,
need to have adequate insurance, investing in the right assets etc. 

We conduct the following programmes for Employees

Financial Freedom through Financial Planning

This session is usually conducted for 90 minutes followed by Q&A for 30 minute and following topic are covered….

  • How to create an Emergency fund
  • Planning for Life and Health Insurance
  • Setting Financial Goals
  • Investing in the right assets
  • Tax Planning

Creating wealth through Mutual funds

This session is also conducted for 90 minutes followed by Q&A for 30 minutes and covers the following topics

  • Understanding basics of Mutual funds
  • Types of schemes
  • Aligning your financial goals with the right schemes
  •  Scheme Selection for wealth creation
  • Creating the right MF portfolio 
  • Tax planning aspects of Mutual funds

Content and sessions can be customized as per your requirements.

We have done corporate sessions for esteemed corporates such as

Lawrence & Mayo (Bangalore)

Orione Hydraulics (Belgaum)

Kimberly Clark

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