We have all kinds of investment advisors in our country such as
Insurance advisors, Mutual fund distributors, Real estate advisors etc., but broadly they are categorized into only 2.
The first category who earn “Commissions” on products that are sold to clients and the second category
who don’t earn any income out of product suggestions but charge a FEE for their advice and services.
FEE only planners have the following advantages

SEBI Registered Advisors

We are SEBI Registered Investment Advisors, very well regulated and licensed based on educational and experience criteria. We follow a stringent and process driven approach in our practice and need to be audited each year. We follow the best ethical practice and standards as propagated by the regulation for registered investment advisors.  

Full Fee disclosure at the beginning of the engagement.

Whether its fixed fee or variable fee based on Assets under Advice, you will be given a detailed break up of fees that you are likely to be charged for the advice & services that you are seeking. Your fees are the only income that Fee only planners will earn as we don’t sell you nor provide products which have commissions embedded in them. The fees are completely transparent and known to you.

Direct Mutual funds advised

Mutual funds are one of the best investment tools to achieve your financial goals and are advised by mutual fund distributors as well as Fee only planners. The only difference is that FEE only planners help you invest in Direct plans of mutual funds which have a very low expense ratio as there are no commissions to be paid. This expense ratio difference between commission based (regular plans) and direct plans can be as high as 1% or more per year in equity schemes. When you invest in Direct plans you pay lower expense ratios thereby saving a lot of costs which can add a compounding effect on your investments in the long term.

Client Focused Approach

We act as a fiduciary to our clients. For us your Financial goals and its achievement are the most important criteria for remaining engaged with you. We are partners in progress due to the conflict free nature of our engagement with no attachment towards commission-based products. At every stage in life, you can rely on us for conflict free advice.